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The market for genetic testing at home was valued at an astounding US$ 1540.7 million in 2023. With a CAGR of 16.6%, the market is expected to experience a transition by 2030, growing to an adjusted size of US$ 4514 million. The downstream market's rising demand is reflected in this exponential rise.

With at-home genetic tests, people may now obtain never-before-seen insights into their genetics, making it a shining example of healthcare advancement. Thanks to this non-invasive technique that is gaining popularity, people can decipher the secrets stored in their DNA from the comfort of their own homes.

At-Home Genetic Testing- Overview

With at-home genetic testing, people may conveniently gather a sample in the comfort of their own homes using a cheek swab or saliva sample. The procedure is straightforward.

After that, this sample is delivered to a state-of-the-art laboratory where your unique genetic information is decoded using technology. The findings provide a thorough summary of many facets of your health, such as your family history, exposures to certain diseases, and wellness information tailored to you.

What are the Benefits of Using At- Home Genetics Tests?

Genera Healthcare- Get the Best Genetic Test at Home in Dubai

Genera Healthcare is the go-to company for trustworthy at-home genetic testing in UAE services in the ever-changing field of customized healthcare.

Their dedication to improving personalized treatment is verified by our advanced technologies and skilled staff. The main goal of Genera Healthcare is to provide people with the information to make better choices regarding health decisions.

For individuals who are in charge of their well-being, the convenience and comprehensive health examinations make it a desirable option. With its unmatched services, Genera Healthcare emerges as a pioneer in genetic testing at Home.

Find the mysteries contained in your DNA by investigating the possibilities of genetic testing at home with Genera Healthcare. With first-rate testing services we also provide laboratory services in UAE and IV therapy in Dubai, taking the first step toward a healthier future with us.

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